RAM & James Dymond - Grotesque Essentials Summer 2016 Edition

RAM & James Dymond - Grotesque Essentials Summer 2016 Edition

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What, we ask, could possibly be better than the 2016 scene-setting ‘Grotesque Essentials – Winter Edition’!? Why the ‘Grotesque Essentials – Summer Edition’ of course! After all, where else can you find the leading musical lights of Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten/Gouryella, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Orkidea, M.I.K.E. Push, (breath here!) John O’Callaghan, Andy Moor, Tiësto and Sied van Riel, all amassed under one mix-comp roof!?

That’s really just for starters though. Amplifying the star-wattage no end is plenty from trance’s Class of Tomorrow. Mix-mainlining it your way are the latest studio strikes from Will Atkinson, Sneijder, The Noble Six, Daniel Skyver, UCast, Craig Connelly, Indecent Noise, A.R.D.I., Adam Ellis and a dozen others besides.

At the wheelhouse and charting the course through all this sonic finery is, of course, that unstoppable force of trance nature, the man with the masterplan, Captain Grotesque himself, RAM.For this Summer edition, he’s enlisted Grotesque master-at-arms and all round rank-riser James Dymond to co-mix the album with him.

Fast, pumping, atmospheric, emotional, uplifting and epically mixed to perfection, the spectrum sound of Grotesque is back and ready to push summer’s mercury just that extra bit higher!

Grotesque, as any switched-on/tuned-in/tranced-up party-head knows, has pivoted from being the purveyors of some rather fine boutique trance events to one of middle-Europe’s most rapidly expanding music brands. It’s spawned record labels, given birth to radio shows, orchestrated arena-sized blowouts, hosted festival stages and - most recently – landed on Ibizan shores.

Essentials’ by name, essentials by nature, RAM’s wastes zero time injecting peak-time summer ordinance into his mix. Frontend, that means Stoneface & Terminal’s irrepressibly sunny ‘Keep Going’, the Beatport chart topping ‘Neba’ from Ferry Corsten’s Gouryella and ‘Bound To Redshift 7’ from M.I.K.E. Push. Further in, things become instrumentally uplifting thanks to The Noble Six’s ‘Oddworld’, vocally uplifting courtesy of Sneijder & Katty Heath’s ‘The Only Place’, and out-of this-world uplifting through Giuseppe Ottaviani/Orkidea collab ‘North Star’. RAM and Indecent Noise ensure things culminate in suitably banging fashion through their ‘Doom Device’ co-op, before UCast’s rework of Kamaya Painters ‘Endless Wave’ gives his mix that end-of-the-night anthemic after-touch.

Keeping the Grotesque fires burning every bit as bright, James Dymond salvos Adam Ellis’ ‘Mr. Mayhem’, Mark Sherry’s ‘Gravitational Waves’, ‘Sapera’ from Factor B and A.R.D.I.’s rewire of Somna & Jennifer Rene’s ‘Hands’ into the mix. Latterly he rolls out more headline material, firing up Will Atkinson’s remix of John O’Callaghan’s ‘Lies Cost Nothing’, his own take on Aly & Fila’s ‘It Is Love?’ and Sied van Riel’s roof-destroying rewire of Tiësto’s ‘Traffic’.

32 2016 hot season ‘Essentials’, all on one album and expertly mixed by two of the scene’s most exciting decktitions. Summer just went supernova!

RAM & James Dymond - Grotesque Essentials Summer 2016 Edition

Mix 1 - RAM

  1. Stoneface & Terminal - Keep Going
  2. Dimension & Ryoji Takahashi - Hidamari
  3. Ferry Corsten, Gouryella - Neba
  4. Orla Feeney & Kriess Guyte - Vortex
  5. M.I.K.E. Push - Bound To Redshift 7 (2nd Phase Remix)
  6. Sneijder & Katty Heath - The Only Place
  7. Matt Bukovski & Andy Elliass - Sphinx
  8. The Noble Six - Oddworld
  9. Craig Connelly feat. Tricia McTeague & Rory O’Grady - Meet At The End
  10. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Orkidea - North Star (Extended Mix)
  11. Sneijder & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Nero (Solarstone Retouch Extended Mix)
  12. Andy Moor vs Orkidea - Year Zero (Mike Sanders Remix)
  13. Daniel Skyver & Lee Osborne - Rivalry Aside
  14. Rene Ablaze featuring Diana Leah - Don’t Turn Away
  15. Indecent Noise & RAM - Doom Device
  16. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (UCast Remix)

MIX 2 - James Dymond

  1. Adam Ellis - Mr. Mayhem
  2. Tempo Giusto & Ima'gin - Pachinko (Edit)
  3. Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves
  4. Kristy Jay - Jersey Jesus
  5. Factor B - Sapera
  6. Somna & Jennifer Rene - Hands (A.R.D.I. Remix)
  7. Forerunners - Lifecycle (Amir Hussain Remix)
  8. Alex Ryan - Connect
  9. James Dymond - Defector (Extended Mix)
  10. Mike Sanders - Palma
  11. John O’Callaghan & Clare Stagg - Lies Cost Nothing (Will Atkinson Remix)
  12. Aly & Fila featuring Ever Burn - It Is Love? (James Dymond Remix)
  13. Sunscreem - Please Save Me (James Dymond Remix)
  14. Menno de Jong - Ahimsa (Indecent Noise Remix)
  15. Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood - 2029 (Jamie Walker Remix)
  16. Tiësto - Traffic (Sied van Riel Remix)

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