Jerome Isma-Ae Remixes Orkidea's 'Nana'

Jerome Isma-Ae Remixes Orkidea's 'Nana'

on Wednesday, 01 June 2016. Posted in News, Release

May - the gateway to summer, and to greet it, Finnish sorcerer Orkidea has conjured a temperately charged remix ace from his hallowed 2015 ‘Harmonia’ album.

The arch Retrofuturist has engaged the remix services of that master of the more progressive trance arts, Jerome Isma-Ae. The Munich native has subsequently reinterpreted the tones of ‘Harmonia’s irresistible ‘Nana’.

Keeping the track’s drum-centric rhythmics clean between his mix-crosshairs, Jerome nudges the tempo, intensifies the bass, jangles the percussion and zooms in tight on ‘Nana’s progressive tendencies.

Looping & modulating its summery Afro-funk vocal, he channels its exulting sub-Saharan chants into a spiritually uplifting conclusion that - floor-side – well, you may never completely recover from!

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