• Solarstone & IKO - Once (Pure Mix)

    Solarstone & IKO - Once (Pure Mix)

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    Plucked from The Twilight Saga’s OST, 2014’s ‘Heart Of Stone’ from English indie-rockers IKO was filtered to club floors globally through the remixing hands of Pure Trance chieftain Solarstone. The Devonshire two-piece’s first brush with the electronic music scene, it was a interpretation that won wide praise from fans, media and DJs alike.

  • RAM - Forever Love (Debut Artist Album)

    RAM - Forever Love (Debut Artist Album)

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    RAM: three always-capitalized letters that scene-wide, for the last five years, have become synonymous with emotive yet ballistic trance. A man who has Amsterdam all-but running through his veins, his home city has provided the base from which to triangulate his Grotesque record label, parties and weekly radio show. Through an unstinting run of high-profile gigs and 7 successive Beatport Top 10 hits, the Netherlander has expedited his way through the ranks, establishing a position with which to challenge its highest echelons.

  • Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 – Mixed By Roger Shah

    Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 – Mixed By Roger Shah

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    Over its lifetime, the Magic Island series has come to typify the antithesis of the phoned-in ‘Ibiza’ compilation, which crowd-out stores throughout summer. They’re a now 7-year and - as of this month - 6-release endeavour on the behalf of their creator Roger Shah, to fold the spirit, aura & essence of the Balearic way into a compilation series.

  • Giuseppe Ottaviani - No One Like You

    Giuseppe Ottaviani - No One Like You

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    In the vocal stakes, 2015 has already seen Giuseppe Ottaviani ring that Beatport chart bell good ‘n’ loud with his thrilling Jennifer Rene-vocalled ‘Lean On Me’ release! Not putting the cause on pause for but a minute, the Italian switches out the vocal yin for some of his never-less-than-brilliant instrumental yang, returning in June with the supremely infectious ‘No One Like You’.