• Eddie Bitar - Come On

    Eddie Bitar - Come On

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    There is absolutely no keeping a good Beirut/London-shuttling studio operator/globetrotting, fan-delighting DJ down! Over the last 18 months, Eddie Bitar has kept the floor fires burning super-bright with a regular-as-clockwork succession of club pressurizing goodness!

  • ‘In The Mix 001- Progressive Sessions’ Mixed By Airwave

    ‘In The Mix 001- Progressive Sessions’ Mixed By Airwave

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    Down through the electronic ages, across the grand span of progressive and trance imprints, a special level of reverence is reserved for the name Bonzai Records. Renowned as the label birthplace of many of the twinned genres’ track & producer greats, its delivered the celebrated, scene-seizing likes of ‘Universal Nation’, ‘The First Rebirth’, ‘Sunrise At Palamos’, ‘Silver Bath’ and dozens upon dozens of others. All but synonymous with artists like M.I.K.E./Push, Plastic Boy & Yves De Ruyter, Bonzai has also been the enduring home to the incomparable talent that is Laurent Christian Georges Véronnez… better yet known as Airwave.

  • Aruna - 'The End' (Remixes)

    Aruna - 'The End' (Remixes)

    Item Author maurizio rossi

    Aruna's 'The End' saw the American producer/singer/DJ burst back onto the scene with another highly anticipated release, teaming up again with Dutch talent Husman. The track's raw performance and emotional lyric was an inspiring account of hitting rock bottom and fighting her way back up, a story which was profiled in-depth in an exclusive and highly buzzed about interview with EDM tastemaker publication Magnetic Magazine, "Why Aruna Disappeared", which went on to become one of their top trending articles for several months running.